Brief Introduction
The Laboratory of Molecular Biochemical Engineering & Advanced Fermentation Technology (JJ Zhong Lab.) was established in Sept., 2006 by Professor Zhong when he joined SJTU from ECUST. The group is a key member of State Key Lab. of Microbial Metabolism.
The group is working in biotechnology & bioengineering field, including molecular biochemical engineering, fermentation, biomass and bioenergy, environmental biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, systems biology, and synthetic biology. In the disciplinary research frontier and interdisciplinary area, we are having close collaboration with other groups of School of Life Sciences & Biotechnology/SKLMM and overseas counterparts. We strive to make creative contribution to biotech. & bioeng. with international influence.

Our Lab. Motto
Candid & Wise;
To be creative!

Major Topics:

  • Molecular biochemical engineering, and bioreactor engineering
    We have been working for platform building for efficient bioactive metabolites production by microbial systems. Our study has focused on validamycin A and ansamitocin fermentation: effects of environmental factors on antibiotics fermentation process at molecular levels of genes and enzymes; improvement of the biosynthetic pathway. By integration of engineering and molecular approach, we aim to improve antibiotics fermentation and contribute to industry.

  • Applied microbiology, advanced fermentation technology & systems biology
    We have been studying medicinal mushroom fermentation and plant cell cultures for production of useful secondary metabolites for over 10 and 20 years, respectively. In recent years, we have done the regulation of biosynthetic processes of antitumor ganoderic acids and ginsenosides. Our research covers signal transduction engineering, bioactive metabolite production, and antitumor mechanism study.

  • Bioenergy and synthetic biology
    Low-cost efficient production of ethanol and other chemicals using lignocellulosic hydrolysates; cooperation with Prof. YHP Zhang on production of biohydrogen by synthetic biology; role of quorum sensor in biodegradation of toxic aromatics.

  • Synthetic biology & systems metabolic engineering for smart biomaterials

Recent Projects:

  • 973 National High-Tech project, Efficient manufacturing of new-structure metabolites, 2012.1-2016.12
  • NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China) project, Combination of synthetic biology and reactor technology for biological hydrogen production, 2012.1-2015.12
  • Shanghai Municipal Science & Technology project, Isolation, purification and acting mechanism study on antitumor metabolites of Cordyceps, 2009.8-2012.7
  • 973 National High-Tech project, Biosynthesis and improvement of Pseudomonas pesticides, 2009.1-2013.12
  • NSFC project, Regulation of biodegradation processes by quorum sensor and its mechanism study, 2009.1-2011.12
Contact: Life Sciences Building, 800 Dong-chuan Road, Shanghai 200240, Mainland China Tel: 86-21-34206350
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